Nils Loewen
"What even is music, man?" is the question eternally rolling through Nils' head. From dissecting classical music in school, to teaching himself cello around treeplanter's campfires, he searches for what makes people tick, what makes music stick? Is music a medium for philosophies to spread? Is music a connection to the Æther? The only solace to be found is from the wisdom of Louis Armstrong: "All music is Folk Music! I ain't never heard a horse sing a song!"

Music, by folks, for folks. Influenced by modern day Canadiana like Ben Caplan, Scott Cook, Petunia, Leonard Cohen, Nils' solo show weaves together jazz folk songs, classical folk songs, and Nils' own folk songs.

Current projects include:

SandhillDylanArt Swamp Honey
Funk/Soul trio Dance Band
graphics/FBFSquareSerious.jpg Fiddle Big Fiddle
Classical Duo gone Rogue
BOCSquare.jpg Birds of Cray
Slam Poetry Meets Cello Beats

"I don't know anything about Music, but I love how you play that Vioin!" is Nils's favourite statement ever yelled at him while on stage.